Our staff

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Estelle M. Raboni, MPH, MCHES
Director, Changing the Odds


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Jessica Holzer, MPH, CHES
Senior Program Manager


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Aisha Murray
Program Manager


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Robert Berry
Program Associate

Program Facilitators 2014-2015



Jasmin Acosta 

“I facilitate to make a change. I was privileged as a teen to have a positive influence in my life, which is why I strive to pay it    forward.”


Bianca Alfayo

“I’ve had the privilege of having amazing people as role models in my life and I want to do the same for the youth I’m working with. I want to help the development of their empowerment and the realization that just because they’re young, doesn’t mean they aren’t able to make a difference.”


Grace Figuereo

“I facilitate because I want to be a support for youth who may not have a positive guidance in their life. I want to be someone who they can relate to, to help them to change their odds.”


Brandon Frazier

 “I facilitate to provide a better understanding of the many issues that arise in adolescent development.”


Shaine Frazier

“People can go their whole lives trying to find what makes them tick, fortunately, I have found my happiness and it’s with teens. Their unorthodox creativity allows my clock to tock.”


Sara Godlewski

“I wanted to be a part of CTO to give my students a positive outlet to deal with the variety of challenges they face as they enter high school. I also think that providing them with community service experiences from the freshman year can give students a sense of empowerment that will shape their point of view, future goals, and the trajectory of their high school career.”


Mariel Muñoz

 “I am a facilitator because our teens need guidance and support. I want to be someone that can make a difference and students can look up to. I want to empower them and help them thrive for greatness.”


Shiela Rodriguez

 “It’s a privilege to serve and help make a difference in the lives of our youth – our future generation! ‘There is no greater reward than working from your heart, and making a difference in the world.'” – Carlos Santana

Josef- picture

Josef Smith

 “I do this job because of the satisfaction it brings me to help those who need and can’t necessarily ask for it. It’s challenging at times but the hard work and dedication that goes into it is well worth it.”


Andrew Viñales

 “I believe in the urgency of empowering my own community so we can grow, learn and be healthy together. Together we can change the troubling statistics!”