Who we are


Changing the Odds (CTO) is a positive youth development project offered by Morris Heights Health Center’s School Based Health Center Network (MHHC-SBHC).  CTO’s mission is to change the trajectory of Bronx youth by providing safe and supportive spaces with caring adults who empower them to become thriving, successful, and engaged young adults in their community.

Changing the Odds accomplishes its mission by integrating services through the MHHC-SBHC and by implementing the evidence-based Teen Outreach Program® (TOP®), a highly effective approach that equips teens with the tools they need to succeed by building the positive skills and competencies needed to ensure progress and success in life.

In a 12-year study of TOP, program participants show:

  • 52% lower risk of school suspension
  • 60% lower risk of course failure
  • 53% lower risk of pregnancy
  • 60% lower risk of school dropout

Through a combination of curriculum-guided group discussion and volunteer service learning, TOP® promotes the positive development of adolescents – reducing the risk of problem behavior while developing healthy behaviors, life skills, and a sense of purpose in participants.

Morris Heights Health Center School Based Health Center Network

The MHHC-SBHC was established in recognition of the need to improve primary and preventive health care of children in low-income, high-risk communities.  Since 1981, the MHHC-SBHC network of 11 school based health centers has been providing comprehensive health services to Bronx students who historically have been medically underserved.  Our school-based health centers annually provide 10,000 Bronx students with comprehensive primary care including medical and reproductive health care, social work services, facilitated enrollment, dental screening, and health education — services Bronx youth need to develop into strong and healthy adults.

Our objectives are to:

  • Promote good physical and mental health;
  • Prevent illness leading to disability and hospitalization;
  • Improve the delivery of primary and preventive health care services by ensuring that they are accessible, coordinated, comprehensive, collaborative, and skilled for all children and youth, including those with special health care needs;
  • Facilitate learning and improved school attendance; and
  • Promote healthy living by providing school-based primary and preventive health care to medically underserved youth through community partnerships that include community health care providers and school districts.

Morris Heights Health Center

Since 1981, Morris Heights Health Center (MHHC) has had a record of distinction as the major provider of health care to Morris Heights and the surrounding areas. Born out of the local need for quality care in the area, MHHC is a non-profit organization funded by federal, state and foundation grants and private and corporate donations.

For over a quarter of a century, MHHC has provided quality primary healthcare services to all members of the community, including the medically, socially and economically disadvantaged — from medical and dental services to counseling. Proudly, we’ve always been at the forefront in both the local and medical communities.

MHHC now serves more than 48,000 patients annually and provides a wide range of primary, specialty, dental, mental health, educational and social services at five convenient locations.